Boudoir - The perfect gift for him or her

boidoir photography bristol.jpg

Surprise him or her with the most perfect, intimate gift that he could imagine - YOU - perfectly packaged and gift wrapped in a bespoke and personalised book that you will both will want to look at time and time again

"My husband received his special book from me on Sunday morning, the amazing boudoir pics you took of me presented in a beautifully linen bound book. He LOVED it, from 'Blimey' to 'Corrr' to a cheeky grin, twinkle in his eye and a 'Oh My God!' with the cheeky one. The images are now ingrained in his memory, he loved my hair, the make up, the poses! You really are so very talented and I am so grateful that I was able to treat myself, and my husband to such a 'forever' gift. "   Paula

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