Why do we dislike being photographed SO much? Read on to understand and learn how to change that without spending a penny!

We often see ourselves very differently to the way others see us - our friends think we are BEAUTIFUL, whereas we look at photos of ourselves and all we see are our tummies/our lines/double chins etc.

So when it comes to have our photos taken we freeze, we become uncomfortable - because we think the photo is going to look awful. And because we ARE so ill at ease, we look anything but confident & assured. 

As a result we don't like the photo and the problem just perpetuates. The cycle continues.

My mission is to BREAK the cycle, to help women to relax and feel confident in front of the camera, to pose to make the best of themselves, to help them to show everyone who they REALLY are - successful women of influence.

It may seem trivial but just THINK of all the ways that being comfortable having your photo taken might help you to be happier:

  • Social events become less stressful and more enjoyable;
  • We will have lots of visual memories to enjoy and to leave to our children and grandchildren - a legacy;
  • By liking the photos we see of ourselves it reinforces positive messages about our appearance;
  • We look confident and relaxed, assured and a REAL woman of INFLUENCE in our profile pictures. (Remember that 55% of a first impression comes down to visual rather than written media).

I provide FREE advice on how to feel more comfortable in photos, without even having to book a sitting with me. Just send me a message here: