Re-discover the REAL you


"My pictures put a smile on my face when I'm having a bad day! They are timeless and beautiful! You do amazing things to help woman feel good about themselves. This is a great gift and I would recommend this experience to anyone - It's a life changer and I will always be grateful"  Sarah

before and after.jpg

When we're feeling run-down, taken for granted, recovering from illness, divorce or just generally putting everyone else first, it's easy to forget who we are - a strong, independent woman with a life of her own who deserves to feel beautiful and feminine.

I bet you have avoided the camera for years, always photographing your babies, your other half, even the dog but rarely yourself. It's so common - even I, a photographer, looked back through the family photographs recently and realised that I had no beautiful photos of me and my boys when they were little. I sat and cried.

EVERY woman deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves and I want to take the best photo that you have ever seen of yourself.

So I invite you to a personal session with me that will change the way you see yourself - you will re-discover that vivacious, sparkly woman who seems to have got lost along the way. 

Come and be pampered, spend some time on you - FOR you and the people that love you. Take the first step in loving seeing yourself in photos. With a gorgeous makeover in a beautiful location, and many years of helping women relax in front of the camera, I promise you will LOVE the experience and ADORE the images.