Are you blue?

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As a makeover corporate headshot photographer, colour is a really important part of my job as I need to combine wardrobe, make-up and background to complement brand colours as well as the skin tone and hair colour of the women I photograph.

Colour tells a story in every part of our lives, it affects our mood but can be interpreted in different ways depending on how we are feeling. For example, black can worn to funerals but also looks stunning on a night out.

In business ,understanding how colour is best used helps tailor our marketing to reflect us as people, to communicate our values and principles. By showing our authentic-selves to people, we can communicate with the people we want to work with and ultimately create a successful business.


Blue is a calming colour, reducing conflict and demonstrating approachability and friendliness, confidence and responsibility. It's a cool colour and slows the heart rate as well as giving an illusion of space.

It's strong and soothing, harmonious and refreshing.

In business, blue is an excellent colour it is the best colour for companies looking to communicate values of trust, loyalty and dependability. Blue works really well for corporations, financial companies, accountants, solicitors and coaches.

It is an "adult" colour but should be used with other colours to make sure that it also doesn't communicate too much conservatism, immobility and lack of growth.

Hope you enjoyed this and let's see what the next colour is.

Janette Edmonds is a makeover portrait and corporate headshot photographer in London and Bristol. All of her shoots include a wardrobe and colour consultation, hair-style and make up and the shoot in a beautiful venue. Please contact her for the best corporate headshots of your life.

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