Uses for headshots


You probably have a lot to say about a lot of things when you are working on your business. You have different audiences, different subjects, different media, different messages that you want to convey.

Here's a list of all the things that you may need business images for:

Uses for headshots

Email signatures



Book jackets

Product promotion


Website banners

About me

Newsletters adverts

Linked in profile

Facebook profile

Instagram profile

Business card

Book launch

Third party use – eg. Speaker announcements


Job applications

Community and charity work

Reports or company literature

business cards

Press releases

In addition, You will probably want to show the different sides to your personality - the highly professional business woman, the warm, approachable leader, the philanthropist, the confident expert, the impartial adviser and the list goes on.

So it's pretty unlikely that just one or two photographs are going to be able to convey all of these things in all the different media. You will need a variety of poses, of backgrounds, of wardrobe and of expression to be able to really fulfil all these requirements, just like Jackie here. More to come on how a great portfolio of images will help you convey all your messages.

janette edmonds