100 Days

101 days.jpg

So following a stupendous year in 2017, I feel the strongest I have ever felt in my life.

I know I can come across as grumpy and some even find me a little bit difficult to connect to initially but that is because actually I'm a bit of an introvert and shy, and lack confidence in very public situations such as large parties.

But I'm full of love for my family (so proud of my boys for different reasons) and friends and am so passionate about my business and helping women feel more confident and achieve success, that it has become my raison d'etre, my "why".

I have recently spotted some videos called 100 days where someone has done something for 100 days and become a real expert at it, so for the first 100 days of 2018, I commit to:

1. drinking 2 juices per day

2. doing 1 session of yoga.

I'm really fired up for 2018 and hope it's an amazing one for you all too.


janette edmonds