Is a boudoir shoot for you?

Boudoir photohrapher Bristol

Actually I can't think of any woman for whom a boudoir shoot would not be a GREAT idea.

Nearly every woman that I photograph used to hate having her photo taken. When the camera came out at family events, she would hide behind everyone else or even put her hand in front of her eyes or more often she would be the one taking the photos. I know – I’ve been there. I simply couldn’t abide seeing photographs of myself and couldn’t understand why my friends seemed to love the photos that were posted of me on social media.

As for a boudoir shoot! YUCK! Taking my clothes off for the camera? Are you MAD?!?

At least that's what I thought. I thought all the boudoir pictures were of skinny young things who obviously loved showing off for the camera. I could not have been MORE wrong.

You might think that you have to love the way you look to have a boudoir shoot but actually it can be a really positive step towards self acceptance and loving the way you look.  Boudoir photoshoots can be liberating experiences that as well as being great fun, can help you to see yourself the way other people see you. Sure you might have to step outside of your comfort zone but you do it in a safe place and in beautiful surroundings and in the company of women who know what it’s like to suffer from low self esteem, women who are experts in making you look beautiful in photographs.

So what are the main reasons for booking a boudoir photoshoot?

CONFIDENCE - Because confidence is the sexiest thing in the world. A great boudoir photography experience will include a makeover and hairstyle as well as a female photographer who knows how to help you pose in the most flattering way for your body type. You will not believe that you can look so sexy when you see your pictures. Many a time I have heard: “is that really me?”

YOU-TIME - Because it’s a beautiful experience and it’s fun!!! You’ll have your hair and make up done and you will feel pampered and special. You’ll have an excuse to buy some extra special lingerie and you’ll feel like a WOMAN again. It’s time away from the real world of work and school runs, in a stunning venue and being made to feel like a Hollywood star.

HE LOVES YOU – he adores your sexiness. He doesn’t care if you’ve put on a few pounds. He loves YOU – just as you are and to have some special images to look at, of you looking sexy, just for him – it will mean the WORLD. What better gift for a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding with a bridal boudoir shoot?

IT’S A GIFT TO YOURSELF – celebrating something special? A significant birthday, weight-loss, a new job, even to celebrate being single, it can put you in the perfect state of mind to start a new life for yourself, to remind yourself that you deserve so much more and that you ARE going to go out and get it.

So what are you WAITING for??   Enough excuses!

I know that you’d love to get over your fear of being photographed but simply don’t believe that we can make you look beautiful. Well look at the images here. These are all real women just like you and me. They stepped out of their comfort zone, put their trust in my team and loved it! You will too! That’s my promise – or your money back!

janette edmonds