OPRAH for PM? Hmmmmm I'm not so sure...


I get it, I really do. She's relatible, she REALLY seems to care, she has real life experience, even though she has been very wealthy for a long time.

Born into poverty to an unmarried teenage mother and a victim of sexual abuse, she overcame her beginnings to work her way up through the media industry and eventually became the richest African-American and North America's first multi-billionaire black person. She seems to have overcome her problems of dramatic weight loss and gain, is a published author and philanthropist. She was influential in the election of Barack Obama to the presidency and is a strong advocate of women's rights. 

On the face of it a perfect candidate (although when the reality is Donald Trump, Daffy Duck would seem a better alternative).

I am really torn here though. I think with an experienced team around her I think she would probably do a good job. My issue is with the celebrity culture that has resulted in the situation that we have now - a billionaire reality show host with no experience in politics, who is easily influenced by people around him who seem to have even fewer morals than he does. Someone who has been elected because of his TV personality. Somehow, he too is relatible, although in a very different way to Oprah.

My concern is that Trump and the backlash against him seem to forewarn of the end of politician Presidents in the good ol' USA. Celebrity has become king (or president) and were Oprah to be elected, whilst she would certainly be a much better option, she would still have been put there because of her celebrity, not because she has worked her way up through government doing a good job for her constituents.

Like Trump she would be another example of the power of the media, which if she does a good job would be ok, but what happens when someone not so savoury comes along who is also the darling of the media. Back to where we are today.

So yes. Hmmmm. Really torn. Oprah for President (or maybe not)


janette edmonds