Why wear make-up


MAKE-UP IS YOUR BEST FRIEND – is that a strange statement in today’s environment of body acceptance and body positivity? Bear with me though and you’ll see what I mean.

When you go out with your make up on, you feel great, confident, ready to take on the world - like going out with your best friend. If you choose NOT to wear it, well let’s face it make-up ain’t gunna be offended (maybe unlike your best friend). What we are saying here is that it’s YOUR CHOICE.

Ok so why wear make up. Here are some reasons why you might.

·        The act of putting on your make-up can be an opportunity to show yourself some self-care. 15 to 20 minutes where you focus on YOU. It’s a chance to be really mindful and appreciative of yourself – of your beauty. "My eyes are a gorgeous green – today I think I’ll wear brown eyeshadow with a little bit of liner to really make them pop." See what I mean? It’s an act of self-love.

·        It gives us confidence. Knowing that we look great can give us the strength to “kick-ass” when we need to. Knowing that we look our best is another tool for us to deal with the challenges and opportunities that we face when we are interacting with other people. And not just then. I know women who will put make-up on when they need to do a piece of important work by themselves. It gives them an edge. And the importance of self esteem in business is well documented. https://www.thebusinesswomanmedia.com/developing-self-esteem-key-success/

·        It adds variety to our lives. Make-Up and the look we decide to wear gives others into an insight into the different facets of our personality. We can look strong and determined, feminine and open, dark and mysterious. We can enjoy being creative and creating different looks or simply pop on a little to accentuate a feature.

Or we can wear none and just be gloriously, simply us in all our natural beauty for the day. And whatever we decide, MAKE-UP DOESN'T MIND.

janette edmonds