The colour RED!

Last time we looked at blue as a brand colour. Today it’s red!

Red is a vibrant colour often with associations with life (blood) and emotion (heart).

It means different things to cultures across the world from mourning in South Africa, drunkenness in Jamaica, good luck in China, financial loss in the US,  and has political connotations – Republican in the US, Labour in the UK and communism the world over.

If you are an international company, you need to be REALLY careful how you use the colour red and also if your company is one dealing with human emotions.

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Whilst Valentines Day, Christmas Day are both positive events that are symbolised by red,  it is also related to danger, blood and the potential for death. Hence a health and wellness company would be advised to steer clear of red in their branding.

Whereas blue is calming, red is the opposite. It also makes you hungry (notice how many fast food restaurants use red in their branding – symbolic of their speed and convenience as well as encouraging you to eat.)

Red is BOLD, stimulating, exciting, attention grabbing and imaginative – great for sporty businesses  but BEWARE it can mean danger and STOP!


janette edmonds